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Ajit Panicker: An Inspiring Mind

On the virtual interview desk we have with us today, Ajit Panicker who is an author with two titles to his credit in fiction and non-fiction genre. My School “My Father” was published in 2016 and is an Amazon bestseller and the other novel titled as “I think I Know You Karunya.., Do I?” was published in august 2017 and he has an upcoming novel titled as “The Boy”. He is a superstar motivational speaker, trainer and life coach. His corporate experience spanning 15 years has been in the tourism, automobile, banking, financial services, real estate and the consumer electronics industry. He is a famous blogger and online social networker. So let’s begin with the questions.

1. “Tell us something about yourself and when did you first realize you want to be a writer?”

An author by passion with two bestselling titles to my credit in fiction and the non-fiction genre, I love human interactions and the art of relationship making. Professionally I am a motivational speaker, trainer and a life coach. My corporate experience spans 15 years in the tourism, automobile, banking, financial services, real estate and the consumer electronics industry. I am a blogger and a hyper active online social networker too. Born a mallu, reared a nawab, exploring the human I am. I get really passionate about whatever I do. I love connecting with the early morning birds while jogging. My life statement is that, ‘There’s only one thing that can get ahead of you, and that’s you.’

2. “Tell us about your books.”

I am now an author of two books. The first one is, My School “My Father” on effective parenting and the second is a romantic thriller titled, I think I know you…Karunya, Do I?, both of them being from two different genres.
My School “My Father” is basically about a family from Kerala, where the extremely curious son often gets into conversation with his father, which becomes the base of the chapter, and helps me in highlighting a prevalent social evil in the society. Readers get an opportunity at the end of every chapter to answer a couple of questions based on the scenario, by being at the character’s place in the story. The objective is to create a healthy open relationship between parents and children, though this book. It is an Amazon bestselling book in the family & relationships category where it reached till the no. 2 rank in the category.

I think I know you…Karunya, Do I?, is a romantic thriller, is all about a Hindu Delhi boy falling for a Muslim Lucknow girl and their struggle to resolve the mystery, their life gets into. The story unfolds and each plot keeps you glued and completely engrossed with the characters, to an extent that you would fall in love with the characters.
With elements of terrorism, supernatural power, rebirth and romance, this novel is not the one, which you can put down that easily.
This novel has already been nominated at various international contests. One among them was the Amazon Kindle Scout Contest, also known as the ‘American idol for book lovers’. It was among the top 20 books among the 250 books nominated worldwide for the 30 days contest, being in the ‘Hot & Trending’ top 20 list for more than 605 out of 720 hours in the contest.

Few days back it was at the no. 11 Amazon Hot New Releases rank. The last ranking for the book was #50 in the Crime, Mystery & Thriller category and rank #98 in the romance category, being among the top 100 bestsellers category.

3. “What made you write on these topics?”

My School “My Father” just happened. I had actually been writing a series on my blog, called ‘Conversation between Mr. Nair & his son’ which then culminated to take the form of a book. Writing on this topic was just a let out which I did, when I was undergoing deep contemplation, introspecting the way forward. It was in 2010, when I was laid off from an organization as part of the mass exodus; the excuse being the age old ‘Cost- Cutting’ drives. Left with no work to do, I got back to my books, which made me from being just a voracious reader into an author.
I had always wanted to start with something which is closest to my heart and that was ‘relationship’. Hence I wrote on effective parenting. I was yet to become a father, when I wrote this book which is essentially on parenting.

I think I know you…Karunya, Do I? is a romantic thriller, as I love reading fiction. Though it’s not that I read only fiction, I am actually more of a non-fiction reader. Rather, I should say that I love reading anything and everything interesting which comes my way, irrespective of what genre or category it belongs to. I never wanted to begin writing fiction with my own story, about my life unlike what most authors do. I wanted it to be completely out of my imagination. Hence, this romantic thriller happened.

4. “Where do you get the information and material for the book”

For the first book, it was my experiences as a son with my father and the experiences I had witnessed between other parents-children relationships, while growing up. I am talking about, My School “My Father” if you lost the track.
I think I know you…Karunya, Do I? is a story out of my imagination which I kept knitting till it came to an end. The plots, the scenes kept flowing into me which kept taking shaping into a romantic thriller it has become.

5. “Name one thing you learned while writing your book.”

One thing, no ways, I learned many of them, while writing my books. I learned rigorous editing, manuscripting, designing, promoting and much more.

6. “Do you have any suggestions for me to become a better writer?”

Suggestion ! The only one that I have for you is, be passionate about it. Don’t give up on daily writing . Write irrespective of the so called, writer’s block haunting you time and again. Make it into a habit of writing something, even if it is 100 words in a day, on whatever you are writing. Better you become, when you lookout for improvising every moment.

7. “After this, are there any plans for your next book. If yes, then on what topic will it be?”

Of course, I am already one-third through with my third book, which is again a fiction novel. The book would be titled, the boy, who never gave up. The boy goes through all the hardships in his life to become the president of the country.

Thank you so much for your responses Ajit. It was really lovely speaking with you. If you wish to interact with Ajit you could catch him on the following channels.





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