An ode to a friend

With a heart so smitten,
That doesn’t need to fit in.
With a smile so genuine,
That it became a patent medicine.

For all I have seen or
All I have been through.
No one will ever flour
On what you have blown blue.

Days will come
And days have gone.
When we will crumb,
And you light up the dawn.

For all that I have seen or
all that I have known.
Everyone is so desirable
in what to behold.
But you my dear friend
have never been so cold.
For you are the only one
Whose presence felt bold.

I never knew where I was destined to be.
But I am glad I met you.
I regretted my choices.
Only your presence felt true.

Days will come
And days have gone
When our bond will doom
But I’ll never let our charm to be drawn.

In my entire life I have never waited for someone to hold
And have never felt so real in this entire fake show
That calmness for whatever I say
have never been so innocent to make me stay.
For what I live and what I wish for
You get every happiness what you ever dreamt of.

I have never been so good
I have never been so calm
Cause you make me see
the light of the storm.

By Karishma Lalvani

From India




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