Citylight. Argh!

When the light goes dim, the mayhem in her head starts, implanting the thrash over n over again.
I guess you act prudently when I ain’t around. Lucas gnarls while driving along the snow-packed mountains, away from the sour world.
Well, **k off.
Just don’t judge. Alright?
I’m this shallow dark who will suffer no matter how n where the light you carry surrounds.
The winds, hopeless romantic, churned the smoke francis bubbled in anguish.

Why do you think likewise? Lucas could figure out d trance she hated since it was not cobain. Her midnight craved gotham n punk side by side. Lethal n raw like always.
Sneak into her eyes, holygod, they’d kill you soothingly, albeit, she would plead guilty. Keeping thoughts apart, lucas continued but..
…in this rush of citylight what do you see except dark? Francis pecked his lips under pale crescent, refilled their cans n said
I see naive n stagnant stories tangled up with lies n chucks. Perhaps the truth half of us hide for d sake of being great mothercunt social. Geez. I can’t breathe this air. Her wrong end of cigarette sigh! **Fake**Unlike chuck, i hate it to d core. See my mixed martini can is more sober than this plethora of fakeshit. Lucas smiles. Don’t drag me into amusements which aren’t mine. Francis nerves turned a little more notorious.
Reaching isolated den, she whispered…
I’m extreme darling. I release toxic for the dirty game humanity plays around. **Sick**
Yes sick.
This place, like a damaged evening, has robbed my souless light. Ah. Hate me lucas. All you see in me is, filthy n impure dirt of cities i only survive, not live.
Somehow am I falling for d spring in the winter morning n yearning for ecstasy delicately like our favourite wine?? This place is magic n misery at the same time. Strange isn’t it?

Stop lil’p*ssy! Jesus no atheist but you, dark cloud mary, hold me in thy sky for a little more than forever. I’m your kind of dirty!
Their journey settled with words, again. This time in a den where woods smelled woods n they, eachother.

“days when you settle n save your demon by rolling life like joints, releasing maligned reckless realities”

by Isha Bahuguna




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