Colors on my Mind, Literally!

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June 12, 2017
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June 12, 2017

Colors on my Mind, Literally!

Be it love, anger, excitement, sickly, sadness or whatever it may be, I always have ‘Colours on my mind’, literally.

“Red with anger”, “green with envy”, “have the blues” etc. We associate our emotions and feelings with COLOURS, indirectly suggesting the scientific and sub-conscious correlation between the US and the COLOURS we perceive. It is not “black and white” to just link our perception of colors with emotions but what they trigger within us that has come to the point where they have become associated for so long that they have almost become one-“see red” or “tickled pink”. For example, we identify danger with red, such associations are not mere common accepted beliefs but quite intricate combinations rooted deep within the human race and animals too up to a certain extent.
We find colors subconsciously affecting our perception of things, people, places etc. daily but seldom do we realize it, we involuntarily avoid spaces marked with red or get attracted towards places lit brightly or even surmise about people depending on the color of their poster picture. This subconscious behavior was first noticed and exploited by advertising field to affect the public notions and opinions about people and situations, eg. the Obama HOPE Poster, the representation of the leader of the rival party in dark shades and of self in light shade.
Our perception of colors is simply wonderful and how it makes our lives have more meaning. It makes us more aware of our surroundings and so much more observant about our vicinity. Sometimes it makes us wonder about the finesse, artistry, and mastery of the Universe. Who has created such a wonderful world?
It is something simply awe-inspiring, bewildering and at the same time difficult, to comprehend and appreciate the role of COLOURS and the masks it dons to make our lives so much more interesting from identifying emotions to subconsciously triggering opinions to coloring our world in the most artistic form.

by Husain Rokadia



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