The Hidden Spark: A book that will change the way you think

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September 27, 2017
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The Hidden Spark: A book that will change the way you think

Ever wondered how to make life more than just the pursuit of work goals, a meditative grind and a descent into relaxation? Ever think about ways of infusing your life with more meaning than the superficial? If these questions haunt you, read on…

The Hidden Spark

How do we learn?

Through actions, through experience and through anecdotes.

You learn your lesson when you act upon a situation and bear its consequences. If it reaps positive results, you end up learning your lesson of what works. If it incurs you, negative outcomes, you end up learning about what shouldn’t have been. When we state this in theory, it sounds simple. And maybe it is, too.

But the experience of going through the phases isn’t an easy one. It has its own fair share of troughs and crests.

Through enormous roadblocks and multiple trials and tribulations, you are the power you expend, you are the power you utilize and you are the power you replenish. As the Bhagvad Gita says, “Only you can save yourself”

But even that takes conscious, deliberate and well-directed effort.

Instilling belief in oneself, going beyond the limits of what you thought possible, creating a reservoir of positive thoughts, and visualizing victory are things that secretly but enormously influence your life, and your achievements.

Distractions, procrastination and other evils will try to pull you back, and keep you from succeeding. Concerted, conscious effort will help you overcome these and other obstacles to reach where you are destined to go.

We all go through life-altering experiences: career alterations, physical moves, heartbreaks, we deal with so much more: death, loss, pain, injury. And with the fast pace of life, it becomes difficult to cope with all the things at once.


The Hidden Spark

The Hidden SparkDo you feel that you are working hard but not getting the returns you deserve? Have you tried relentlessly but failed repeatedly, and now want to lose hope? Do you want to be like the famous and successful people but don’t know what special gifts you have to do? Are you still struggling with your own demons and do not know how to get out of it? Do you think that you are negative, lethargy, failed, unsuccessful, poor and unlucky? If yes, then “The Hidden Spark” is only for you. This practical book is a result of thoughts of the great mentors of the world after a long research and the guidance of the most successful people. It is said that one mind has more power than millions of cells but when it comes about ten most intelligent and active minds, you can make out how important each word of this book is! The book, you are holding in your hand is not a theory but a practical guide which will take you to your right direction in your life and leave you as the best version of yourself. Each chapter of this book has already been implemented by thousands of people and their real stories are in this book.


To reinforce these views and to develop healthy coping mechanisms, it becomes necessary for us, as human beings, to latch on to practices that have been tried and tested. The principle is simple: we need some certainty in this highly dynamic and unpredictable world. With this in Mind, Dr. Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal have brought together a treasure-trove of information that is not only effective but also hands-on. In their joint production of the book The Hidden Spark they have outlined very succinctly the hacks and exercises that can lead you to unleash your full potential. Why the book’s manner is effective is because it takes into account not just thoughts and weaves them together, but it also manages to create what you may call a workbook. Each section ends with a practical exercise where you contemplate about your own self, giving you the much-needed motivation to reflect upon your life and goals. To add cherry to the cake, there are real-life stories and anecdotes that stand testimony to how these exercises are useful in the real sense of the world.

it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that the book is your go-to resource when you feel lost figuring out life.


About the Authors-

Vikas Trivedi

A teacher of English and Psychology, Vikas Trivedi holds Masters Degrees in English Literature, Political Science and Psychology. He was born on December 2, 1991 in Dungarpur, Rajasthan and is currently pursuing his PhD. Despite having failed in English due to difficulty in grasping, he had turned his weakness into his strength and grown up to study the language and now, teach it.

Vikas Trivedi believes in the law of attraction and the magic of making the impossible, possible by his strength, positivity and motivation. He loves to read and has a vast collection of books. He also loves to listen to music as well as travelling.

Smita Agarwal

smita agarwalMeet Smita Agarwal, who was born and brought up in Kolkata, India in a middle-class family, close knit family with lots of family values. She grew up with bunch of close friends she made throughout her school life. With a degree in Accountancy hons and an insatiable inquisition, her creativity lead her into interior designing n she did diploma on computer aided designing. After her son was born, Smita got in touch with Pranic Healing which bought a major transformation in my life. Now it’s been 10 years and Smita is a professional Pranic Healer.

During this time, Smita developed an interest in reading books and she spent hours reading about different topics including Pranic Healing. That was when she was inspired to come up with this book.




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