Pain by Sharon Rose

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March 6, 2017
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A Silent Hug
March 20, 2017

Pain by Sharon Rose


Every living creature on earth will go through pain one time or the other. Even the seed had to break in order to raise into a plant..There will be no human who hasn’t experience pain in his/her lifetime. There’s no way to escape from the pain of life, that hits us suddenly. But there’s a cure for every pain for sure.

I’m a girl with the unusual teeth people always laugh at me because of it. Then one day my mom dragged me to the dentist to take up ortho treatment and to put on braces to my teeth. Then the treatment started, for which they wanted to extract 4 of my teeth. I was really afraid, but my brother encouraged me to go through it for he remembered me a famous saying “no pain no gain”(imagined my beautiful smile after the treatment) then laying out all the cowardliness aside, started pretending courage and went ahead to take up the extraction of my tooth. Then the dentist gotta local anesthesia into the syringe and all my courageous attitude exhausted in a minute and there’s no way to escape from that chair. Onto the hard palate in my mouth, she injected the local anesthesia which was so painful which was incomprehensible. Into the gums, she has injected then the tears rolled down my eyes like the flood water. And then she extracted two of my teeth by the machinery resembled like a carpenter’s tools. I said to my mind I’ll never go through this again. After that episode I have got a fever for three days, blood over all of my mouth starving for 3 long days, survived only through fruit juices. But it was the extraction of only two teeth. Still, I have to endure that pain once again for the other two.

After 3 months with the same cowardice which was covered up by the courage, I walked up to the dentist for the extraction of other two teeth. Then came the doctor with the same syringe filled up with the local anesthesia came up to me to drill in my mouth. There goes the shot one right into my gums, ah!! It was horrible. Then one thought came into my mind about Christ enduring the cross. For I am unable to endure even the small injection, he has beaten up by the nails straight into his arms and limbs. And has been on the cross with them for a long time. Then the tears rolled on my cheeks, not of the injection’s pain but the pain of Christ on the cross endureth only to see me happy now and forever. My pain of extraction is my selfish desire to get a good smile on my own face. But Christ has endured that pain to see a smile on my face. How marvelous it is.. Thinking about the cross I have become numb to this small pain of injection. Even though the dentist is injecting on my hard palate.when I was thinking about the sufferings of the Christ it seemed to be so small and endured the pain with much ease.

In the same way when the life hits me through many sufferings and pain and sudden Strom’s of life. I’ll always ponder on the cross to endure that temporary pain. Like Christ who has thought about my eternal life and endured the pain on the cross for me. How can I give up my precious life paid by my savior’s pain? So friends, whenever life gives you pain..the best way to endure pain, is to think, look and ponder upon Christ pain on the cross.


by Sharon Rose on Kalaage



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