Submission Guidelines

You can submit to us every month from 1st through 25th of that month.

Below is the link to ou submission management system where you can find our open topics.


Alright! So let’s begin with the list of things you as a writer needs to keep in

mind while submitting to us.


• Always make sure you read your work carefully if it’s not interesting you yourself, then you know it is not going to make it.

• Check for grammatical errors, punctuations etc. Only 5-6 percent of the errors may be considered if your work is exceptionally good.


• The most important rule – The submission should be in proper English, by that I mean,

no SMS language or abbreviations to be accepted.

Curation Criteria

For Poetry

• The poem should not be too small in length minimum seven lines, it should feel like a

poem and not like quotes or verses.

• The curation has to coincide with the theme no matter how good the submission be if

it’s not complying to the theme editors will not even look at it. (this goes not just for Poems

but for the articles as well)

• Both Hindi and English Submissions are accepted.

• But the magazine will only have English Submissions, Hindi ones will go on the featured

section of the website.

Curation Criteria

For Short Stories

• When submitting a story, you need to keep in mind that the story has a good plotline.

• Look at it from the perspective of a reader, is it something that a reader would like to


• It should again comply with the theme of the month.

• The maximum word limit for a short story is 2000. But that is not the

criteria for acceptance or rejection. If the story is griping and has an impact on you,

but is exceeding the world limit, its okay to accepted.